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The festive fury of flatulence …

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Secrets of the nutritional game

What was that sound? Don’t even TRY to blame it on the dog.

It’s that time of year when food combining turns your stomach into a volatile mix of potentially noxious substances. From a heap of fermented sugars to an isolated food that digests poorly, this holiday season your small intestine can become as lethal as Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s nuclear arsenal.

Gender and body size don’t dictate whether this will happen to you or not either. I’ve had the most dignified and stately female patients generate enough internal combustion to practically burn my brow during a low back adjustment.

Gas, not the kind that will ever be a hot commodity, is alleged to occur from swallowed air, usually with nervous or anxious eating. Combine that with holiday binging and there are numerous reasons you may wish to be consciously calm while consuming because it may not be only about swallowed air. Your digestive dilemma may have everything to do with these other provocative factors:

Beans and their high concentration of “flatulence factors,” known as raffinose, stachiose and verbicose. These three sugars are loved by the bacteria found in the gut, which, in turn, produce tremendous amounts of nitrogen gas. For some; it may seem like there’s enough to power a small hot air balloon.

Cauliflower, eggs and meat can single handedly destroy the nasal mucosa of an unsuspecting passer-by. The sulphur content in these foods can bring on bodily chemical warfare!

Stand clear, also, of corn, bell peppers, cauliflower, cabbage, milk, bread, eggs, beer and raisins because they are also capable of toxic emissions.

Other offensive (but stealthy) rectal power boosters:

Drinking too much water during a meal dilutes your stomach acids and compromises the absorption of food. The undigested food is likely to rot in the lower bowel and if you’ve ever cleaned out the vegetable drawer in your refrigerator after ignoring it for awhile, you may have a visual of the black sludge that can coat it.

Taking a digestive aid, also know as an “enzyme,” can help as part of your daily dietary regimen. These are available in health food stores and are known as “pro-biotics.”

Ultimately, ingesting massive quantities of food at one sitting is the worst of the digestive crimes. Only a certain amount can be processed at a time and your blood sugar rises and falls as you slip into a food coma. Meanwhile, dietary “hydrogen bombs” are being manufactured as a by product, waiting for General Colon Bowel to bark orders!

The simple solution:
– Eat less
– Eat slower
– Chew your food longer
– Consider dessert first! It will be digested immediately, preventing maximum fermenting.

So, tis the season to be jolly … just go easy on the laughing gas.

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