7 Feb

How do you prepare for YOUR life’s Superbowl-moment?

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Secrets of the game Late nights, lots of alcohol, recreational drugs, repetitive fornicating, clubbing, gambling, huge fatty meals and tons of that white stuff … sugar, salt and flour are a sure recipe for a disastrous outcome. Unfortunately, modern media has sensationalized the few super talented athletes that succumb to such destructive practices. Yet, the […]

27 Jun

It all started as “One small step for man …” How to begin a positive change.

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Secrets of the physical game   If you’ve recently wanted to make some lofty changes, but haven’t started, I completely understand.   Here are the possible reasons:   o       No time o       No money o       No enthusiasm o       Fear of starting something you can’t (or don’t believe you can) follow through with o       Fear of […]

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