15 Aug

A most magical question …

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It may not be a “secret” discovered from behind the locker room doors of our professional athletes, nor is it anything the medical staff has ever spoken of, but it sure is one of the keys that can unlock an emotional door. “How do you know when you are loved?” Strange as it may seem, […]

25 Apr

Explode past your perceived limits!

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A quick secret of the Mental Game …   When you feel you can not go another step, another rep, another second or another day as the odds are stacked against you, your behind in your time, your intensity, you are trailing in points – your boss, kids and significant other are hammering you down to […]

17 Feb

Blisters – Butts – Babes

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  Secrets of the Physical Game   Ah, what do these things have to do with each other?   Well, what I’m gonna tell you can heal a blister at an accelerated pace and was one of those fun little secrets I had a chance to identify when walking into Dolphin Camp and observed the […]

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