18 Apr

Two Most Powerful Personality Traits

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Before going to bed it is best to end a challenging day with an inspiring video. The decision between Louise Hay and Wayne Dyer was difficult; neither moved me at the moment, until I glanced over at . . . “300” Yes! I instantly felt the adrenaline and testosterone coursing through my veins. This is […]

7 Mar

Tone Butt and Legs at Work – 3 Exercises

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Secrets of the physical game One of the biggest and most powerful muscles of the body is the buttocks and legs. This also happens to be the site of most concern for women wanting to look sexy and men needing to lift heavy objects (in some cases, the other way around). Yet, the most common […]

28 Feb

One BELIEF can get you what you want

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Secrets of the mental game There is nothing more powerful than what you deeply believe in. Insurmountable odds have been overcome with the right amount of conviction. Unwavering trust in yourself (the most important element), another person or an idea and positive, unwavering visualization can bring about amazing results. The challenge is ….truly believing with […]

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