5 Sep

What’s similar about hurricanes and “back to school”?

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They both cause excessive buying at the “Depot” … Home Depot and Office Depot. (kidding) The true answer is that they both cause a sensational amount of stress. In turn, certain components of the immune system become less effective at fighting off illness when exposed to stress over days or weeks. Despite attitude (perception), your […]

25 Jul

Answers to two cutting-edge questions

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– Does the Shake Weight Dumbbell work? – Can vegetarians be athletic and build muscle? Thought I’d do some people a favor and publicly answer some great questions that received a lot of attention this week. Let’s talk about the new commercial that’s setting the airwaves a blaze with a new product called the Shake […]

11 Apr

This blows! Two Ways to Ease Allergies

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Your kids are snotty, you sound like a crank caller, and your friend looks like she cut up onions all day – this is a rough time of year – it’s allergy season! Never having allergies, it’s my physician’s empathy that brings me to share some dependable remedies. Truth be told, as a kid, I […]

21 Mar

Candy for breakfast!

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My 10 year old was pretty amped when he brought home this week’s spelling words from the topic of nutrition. His familiarity with carbohydrates, proteins, and vitamins was something developed from a very young age because of his dad’s constant mantra of “NUTRITION.” His little head has been filled with my ideas of eating correctly […]

7 Feb

How do you prepare for YOUR life’s Superbowl-moment?

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Secrets of the game Late nights, lots of alcohol, recreational drugs, repetitive fornicating, clubbing, gambling, huge fatty meals and tons of that white stuff … sugar, salt and flour are a sure recipe for a disastrous outcome. Unfortunately, modern media has sensationalized the few super talented athletes that succumb to such destructive practices. Yet, the […]

27 Dec

The festive fury of flatulence …

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Secrets of the nutritional game What was that sound? Don’t even TRY to blame it on the dog. It’s that time of year when food combining turns your stomach into a volatile mix of potentially noxious substances. From a heap of fermented sugars to an isolated food that digests poorly, this holiday season your small […]

22 Nov

Are you eating through the pain?

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Secrets of the nutritional game What would it be like to eat as much as you can for six weeks? Why? Because you deserve it! Because you want it! Because it’s your right of passage during this sacred time! Because it’s a party! Because you want to indulge, be carefree and reap the rewards of […]

22 Oct

Pigs and birds and children, OH MY! Instead of vaccinating …

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Answer to your #1 question! “I don’t want to be vaccinated, what can I do?” Dorothy didn’t have the answers either during her quest for the Yellow Brick Road. Your desire to stay healthy amidst all the confusion is just as urgent as hers was to get home. The TV, Newspapers, Internet, doctors and friends […]

20 Sep

Sex Hormones – Success supplements

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  Secrets of the nutritional game   All it takes is a drop of hormone the size of a pinhead to change your world. Thyroid, Estrogen, Progesterone or Testosterone (to name a few). Their dose is minor but all have a major effect on body function and thought process.   Yes, thought process!   We’ve established […]

6 Sep

Back by popular demand! “Dr. Heath” and the “5 Factors of Health”

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5 Factors of Health – “Dr. Heath” from Dr. Spencer Baron on Vimeo.   Ever since this little guy was on my blog video a couple months ago, I’ve had requests to forward the clip to others; film him for other segments, auditions for commercials, TV shows and wishes for adoption.   Well, once again, […]

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