6 Jun

3 Questions that will make you “smarter than a 5th grader”

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When Miami Dolphins, Head Athletic Trainer shared the wisdom of his fifth grade teacher, Sister Mary Aldoncha (sp), I was fascinated. Something must be working right, as Kevin O’Neill has been in the National Football League (NFL) for 21 years, while enduring five regime changes and is still going strong. He was awarded training staff […]

28 Mar

What can you learn from the mating habits of a sloth?

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Having trouble reaching a goal or completing a task? Then it may behoove you to take a few tips from our fine, furry friend, the sloth. A popular derogatory remark for those who seem to procrastinate or meander along is, “You move like a Sloth. C’mon, hurry!” May not be such a bad thing after […]

28 Feb

One BELIEF can get you what you want

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Secrets of the mental game There is nothing more powerful than what you deeply believe in. Insurmountable odds have been overcome with the right amount of conviction. Unwavering trust in yourself (the most important element), another person or an idea and positive, unwavering visualization can bring about amazing results. The challenge is ….truly believing with […]

3 Jan

Win? Lose? LEARN from 2009! – ONE way to make 2010 a HUGE year!

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Ever notice how easy it is to blame other people and situations when your life isn’t going the way you want? Psychologists call this having an “external locus of control” which means you don’t believe you’re in charge of your own life or destiny and that other factors “control” you instead. As a child, watching […]

25 Apr

Celebrating Death?

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Secrets of the Mental Game   Strange to see those two words in the same sentence, especially when it is someone you love … yet, there are some cultures that choose to believe that death is merely passing to a “better place.”   As this was a very dramatic example of managing a state of mind, on a […]

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