11 Apr

This blows! Two Ways to Ease Allergies

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Your kids are snotty, you sound like a crank caller, and your friend looks like she cut up onions all day – this is a rough time of year – it’s allergy season! Never having allergies, it’s my physician’s empathy that brings me to share some dependable remedies. Truth be told, as a kid, I […]

22 Oct

Pigs and birds and children, OH MY! Instead of vaccinating …

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Answer to your #1 question! “I don’t want to be vaccinated, what can I do?” Dorothy didn’t have the answers either during her quest for the Yellow Brick Road. Your desire to stay healthy amidst all the confusion is just as urgent as hers was to get home. The TV, Newspapers, Internet, doctors and friends […]

18 Oct

“Should I” or “Should I NOT” – Injecting debate over vaccinations

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  Secrets of the physical game   This has become one hot topic as it appears that some individuals have lost sight of why this controversial issue is escalating.   Advocates: The pharmaceutical industry, government and (most of) the healthcare profession.   Opponents: Victims of alleged vaccine related side effects, some of the healthcare profession. […]

30 Aug

Immunity and Endurance – Say “NO” to acid!

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  Secrets of the nutritional game   I’ve been asked several times this week about what folks can do to increase their ability to fight off colds and influenza, also known as the “flu,” such as: Type A, B and C, Swine or pig and Avian or bird.   Type A and B are the […]

3 May

Can you resist Swine Flu, SARS, HIV, Anthrax, the common cold?

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Secrets of the nutritional game   All the chatter is about what you can do from outside the body – wash hands, cover you mouth when coughing or sneezing, take an antibiotic (which we are being rigorously warned to be conservative with) and vaccinate.   But, has anyone told you what to do from inside […]

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