16 Aug

Two Men and a Shopping Cart … 3 more grocery tips (part 2)

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As the saga continues, Dorron Blumberg, trainer and motivator extraordinaire and I daringly go through the combat zone of the grocery store denying bad food choices and identifying a few ideas that may work successfully in your diet dilemma.   – Learn how 25,000 feet of grocery store is arranged to psychologically tease you into […]

2 Aug

The hunt for food –— foraging through the gross-ry story (part 1)

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Secrets of the nutritional game  Navigating the long, overloaded food aisles can be a hair-raising experience if you take the process of food shopping for granted.  Have you ever found after you’re home with a kitchen full of plastic bags that:   –          You bought too much? –          You bought the wrong stuff? –          You […]

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