28 Mar

What can you learn from the mating habits of a sloth?

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Having trouble reaching a goal or completing a task? Then it may behoove you to take a few tips from our fine, furry friend, the sloth. A popular derogatory remark for those who seem to procrastinate or meander along is, “You move like a Sloth. C’mon, hurry!” May not be such a bad thing after […]

21 Feb

3 Steps to Action and Achievement

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Secrets of the physical game Are you sticking with your New Year’s resolutions? Probably not! If you are (or not), let’s step up the intensity by creating an “Action Plan.” If you asked a sharp shooter or an archer to hit the bull’s-eye, they would! How would you know they hit the target? Or missed […]

19 Jul

3 steps to the next level …

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  Secrets of the mental game.   As easy as it appears, we tend to miss these steps. Just like a baby walking for the first several attempts. We fall, get up and keep trying.  Babies don’t decide whether or not they are going to “try” and walk. They keep doing it till they get […]

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