3 Apr

7 Life Regulators of Professional Athletes – Elements of a WINNER

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There’s a sign posted up in the one of the locker rooms. It is seen by each member of the team before they leave through the door. Like so many other inspirational messages, it changes from time to time so as not to blend in with the scenery and lose impact. This particular sign caught […]

21 Mar

Candy for breakfast!

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My 10 year old was pretty amped when he brought home this week’s spelling words from the topic of nutrition. His familiarity with carbohydrates, proteins, and vitamins was something developed from a very young age because of his dad’s constant mantra of “NUTRITION.” His little head has been filled with my ideas of eating correctly […]

21 Jun

Taking personal control of your own health starting NOW!

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Secrets of the mental game …   As the economy falters, our collective national attention has been focused on Wall Street and Detroit but there’s also another worry that many Americans currently have:   Health care and what President Obama may or may not do to change it.   The costly proposition of providing health coverage for […]

8 Jun

What’s the most dangerous meal of the day?

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Secrets of the nutritional game Dinner! Am I being dramatic when I use the word “dangerous”? Not one single bit! Why? Unfortunately, most people make their biggest meal of the day also the last meal of the day which makes no sense to me or anyone else who’s trying to: Lose weight Have better digestion […]

16 May

When do Energy Drinks stop working?

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Secrets of the nutritional game:   Red Bull, Monster, Redline, Full Throttle, Jolt, Rockstar, Starbucks Double Shot Energy Plus, to name a few …   Do you remember your first sip?   Holy night! You had more adrenalin pumping, heart pounding, never-gonna-stop-doing homework or housework feelings of pure delight than you ever imagined. You could […]

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