15 Aug

A most magical question …

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It may not be a “secret” discovered from behind the locker room doors of our professional athletes, nor is it anything the medical staff has ever spoken of, but it sure is one of the keys that can unlock an emotional door. “How do you know when you are loved?” Strange as it may seem, […]

28 Feb

One BELIEF can get you what you want

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Secrets of the mental game There is nothing more powerful than what you deeply believe in. Insurmountable odds have been overcome with the right amount of conviction. Unwavering trust in yourself (the most important element), another person or an idea and positive, unwavering visualization can bring about amazing results. The challenge is ….truly believing with […]

7 Feb

How do you prepare for YOUR life’s Superbowl-moment?

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Secrets of the game Late nights, lots of alcohol, recreational drugs, repetitive fornicating, clubbing, gambling, huge fatty meals and tons of that white stuff … sugar, salt and flour are a sure recipe for a disastrous outcome. Unfortunately, modern media has sensationalized the few super talented athletes that succumb to such destructive practices. Yet, the […]

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