31 Oct

Playground Pump Up – 6 Exercises

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If you want the kids to play, then you may want to set an example …
You might as well get a quick pump, especially since you have to be there while they burn off some energy.

Here are 6 exercises and what body parts they effect:

1) Monkey bar pull ups
        o Works the biceps and upper back
2) Elevated feet push ups
        o Works the triceps, chest and front shoulder
3) Swing squats
        o Works front of thigh
4) Single leg squats
        o Works thigh, hamstring and butt muscles
5) Go nowhere swing presses
        o Works shoulders, triceps and top of chest
6) Frustrated kid, fake launch, swing pull
        o Works upper back and biceps

10 repetitions – 3 sets would be a great way to start.
You don’t have to do them in this precise order.
You can add exercises, just be creative.

Enjoy the day, Live with ENERGY!

Doc B

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