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Partner up to keep on the training track

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Partner up to keep on the training track from Dr. Spencer Baron on Vimeo.

Exercise partners can offer a great situation, yet sometimes disastrous …
Ever have one that was great friends, yet not dedicated or committed
How about one that you were not all that fond of, but were very dependable
Since I train so early, I’ve had a partner you couldn’t talk to for the first half hour
I’ve had ones led the work out, while other’s would follow my lead

How do you find a good training partner?
It’s quite simple; just watch who’s into it and who’s not.
It’s always best to observe the ones that are already in the gym – someone that has been regimented for some time.

Careful of the “bride to be” workout
Or the “Bar Mitzvah pump up”
Monday “Movie goers” workout

Having a training partner can be a great experience. It pushes you to wake up when you don’t want to and maximizes the “misery enjoys company experience.

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