19 Sep

There’s a lady in my locker room …

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At what point does “uncomfortable” get you in trouble? A Mexican TV reporter was preparing to interview New York Jets quarterback, Mark Sanchez, yet felt uncomfortable enough during her wait in the locker room to make this vague claim via Twitter. This issue has set off quite a bit of castigating while resurrecting some old […]

15 Aug

A most magical question …

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It may not be a “secret” discovered from behind the locker room doors of our professional athletes, nor is it anything the medical staff has ever spoken of, but it sure is one of the keys that can unlock an emotional door. “How do you know when you are loved?” Strange as it may seem, […]

8 Aug

Anger – what to do when you want to throw the stress ball at someone

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The economy, the war, job loss, corrupt leaders, accidents that affect the environment are occurring at a time that our society’s health is spiraling out of control (no state has met the

18 Jul

Are you living life to the max?

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When was your last adrenaline rush? As the moments tick by, we tend to get swept up in our consistent, daily activities and before we know it, tomorrow is here. You end by saying things like, “Wow, this day flew by!” Or “Is it Friday (or Monday) already?” Worst of all is when you can’t […]

6 Jun

3 Questions that will make you “smarter than a 5th grader”

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When Miami Dolphins, Head Athletic Trainer shared the wisdom of his fifth grade teacher, Sister Mary Aldoncha (sp), I was fascinated. Something must be working right, as Kevin O’Neill has been in the National Football League (NFL) for 21 years, while enduring five regime changes and is still going strong. He was awarded training staff […]

30 May

Perfect timing … just finish one thing!

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So, I heard you’ve been sitting on the, proverbial, fence with regards to getting that one thing done. You know what I’m talkin’ about, that project you’ve wanted to get started (or finish) for quite some time now. It’s Memorial Day, which means to most people an extra day to relax, eat and do nothing. […]

23 May

If everyone had nothing, who would stand out in the crowd?

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So, last week was interesting, to say the least … I smashed the whole front end of my eight month old vehicle. Luckily, I was fine, no subsequent injuries, not even a bit of soreness… $5300 later, I continue to remain emotionless about the whole thing. Why? Seconds after the 30 mph collision, during 5:00 […]

18 Apr

Two Most Powerful Personality Traits

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Before going to bed it is best to end a challenging day with an inspiring video. The decision between Louise Hay and Wayne Dyer was difficult; neither moved me at the moment, until I glanced over at . . . “300” Yes! I instantly felt the adrenaline and testosterone coursing through my veins. This is […]

3 Apr

7 Life Regulators of Professional Athletes – Elements of a WINNER

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There’s a sign posted up in the one of the locker rooms. It is seen by each member of the team before they leave through the door. Like so many other inspirational messages, it changes from time to time so as not to blend in with the scenery and lose impact. This particular sign caught […]

28 Mar

What can you learn from the mating habits of a sloth?

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Having trouble reaching a goal or completing a task? Then it may behoove you to take a few tips from our fine, furry friend, the sloth. A popular derogatory remark for those who seem to procrastinate or meander along is, “You move like a Sloth. C’mon, hurry!” May not be such a bad thing after […]

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