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Can you resist Swine Flu, SARS, HIV, Anthrax, the common cold?

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Secrets of the nutritional game


All the chatter is about what you can do from outside the body – wash hands, cover you mouth when coughing or sneezing, take an antibiotic (which we are being rigorously warned to be conservative with) and vaccinate.


But, has anyone told you what to do from inside the body?


Crank up the immune system as this is THE most important approach most folks miss since PREVENTION is key!


These three natural agents

          Vitamin C

          Grapefruit seed extract

–          Olive leaf extract


Recommended dosages: at the first sign of aches, sore throat, cough or any other symptoms of flu (or cold, or other infections), start with several thousand milligrams of vitamin C, and then follow that with 1000 mg (one gram) every hour until symptoms ease.Sometimes just the vitamin C will do the trick, but when it’s time to kick up the intensity, olive leaf extract (OLE) and/or grapefruit seed extract (GSE) may be added or used alone. OLE: 500-1000 milligrams every few hours, with or without the C, depending on the situation (I usually ‘shotgun’ this stuff when getting well fast is vital). Normally, for straight oral use, the C and OLE are a great pair by themselves




As for grapefruit seed extract, it is recommended to take it in capsule form, using the suggested dosage on the label.


You may want to add some acidophilus (also called probiotics) to the mix, during and for a few days after the use of OLE. The reason is that OLE is such a good antibacterial that it can also kill the “good” bacteria that we need in our digestive tracts. A capsule or so of acidophilus before meals should be adequate insurance for keeping these beneficial organisms established.Then there is the common sense stuff that you don’t hear as much about:



* Exercise regularly
* Eat nutritious foods (preferably fresh, whole foods – back way off on sugars)
* Manage stress levels

* Get the right amount of sleep


Important note:

I’ve heard this a million times, “I’ve tried Echinacea and those other natural remedies, but they don’t work.” The reason is you use natural approaches with a medical mindset. In other words, you wait till the symptoms are so blatant that the natural stuff is ineffective and you are so out of touch with your body that you don’t realize how encumbered it is with infection and it takes aggressive protocols to fight it. Which is the American medical fault … we are trying to squelch the symptoms instead of beating the infection to the punch.


Simple lesson most doctors don’t understand:

Every infection is a race between the microbes (the germ) and the host (your body). The microbe, following the indelible rules of evolution, strives to survive and reproduce, while the host’s immune system mounts a warlike defense designed to find, destroy, and eliminate it. Before this war occurs, your body needs to build a defense, thus requiring you to be proactive and start cycling up your “immune boosters” when …


–          You feel you’ve had a “long day”

–          Are extra stressed

–          Been around sick people or your kids

–          Reaching deadlines requires you to work more, sleep less

–          You’ve increased your workout time and intensity


Good luck, you can win this fight!


How do you strengthen your immune system?



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