18 Jul

Are you living life to the max?

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When was your last adrenaline rush?
As the moments tick by, we tend to get swept up in our consistent, daily activities and before we know it, tomorrow is here. You end by saying things like, “Wow, this day flew by!” Or “Is it Friday (or Monday) already?” Worst of all is when you can’t wait till the “bad” day is done so you can start over with a “new day.” What if all you had to do to change your mood was to experience something exhilarating?

Try taking a brisk walk across fire, go for a skydive or bungee cord jump … I can tell you, firsthand, public speaking is more death defying. I’ve even repelled off a seven story building with a SWAT team, yet nothing was more breathtaking than doing a stand-up comedy routine in front of a live audience.

What would a memorable experience look like to you?
Could today be the day you decide to do something you’ve always been afraid to try?

– Audition for a play
– Find a better job
– Say hi to someone, first
– Ask for a raise
– Leave a toxic relationship
– Step into an exercise facility
– Try a rock climbing wall

Key point:
“Living life to the max” means different things to different people.

Swimming with the dolphins at the research facility in the Florida Keys was a dreaded terror since I tend to fear dark water, but the experience was exhilarating and everlasting.

My father loved to hear my stories of adventure as he always wished to have similar experiences, yet created all sorts of “valid” excuses that became gloomier as he got older.

NOW is the time to experience everything you’ve ever wanted, not wait till you have the health, time or money. It has been a constant effort to practice what I preach as the inclination has always been to take the path of least resistance (or stress). Even as I was offered an all expense paid trip to lead a team of physicians to the Bejing Olympic Training Center in China, my initial response was, “Nah, thanks anyway, it’s not a good time to leave my practice.” Until the voice on the other line responded with, “Have you lost your mind?” Along with a few other aggressive, “reality check” comments, I ended up accepting the honor.

How often have you “lost your mind” and remained in your comfort zone?
What will you do today that will change the way you feel and think about yourself, tomorrow and forever?

Live life to the MAX!
I’d like to prescribe one dose of adrenaline, today!
Please dare to tell me about it.

Love life,

Doc B

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