About Dr. Baron and “Secrets of the Game”

America’s best–known sports injury doctor

An award-winning Doctor of Chiropractic,

Dr. Spencer Baron is a health, sports fitness, and medical

expert with specialty certification as a Diplomate of the

American Chiropractic Board of Sports Physicians.


Dr. Baron is passionate about health and well-being,

dedicating his time to helping people attain and

maintain their optimal physical condition. He continues

to keep up with the ever-changing world of medicine

as he uses his knowledge and skill to help professional

athletes and the public.


Dr. Baron delights in his appointments as the Team

Chiropractic Physician for the Miami Dolphins and

Florida Marlins. Additionally, he’s treated the New

York Mets, the San Francisco Giants, the Colorado

Rockies, the Florida Panthers, Nebraska Cornhuskers

and many professional rodeo riders.


“I love my job! I work with fantastic people who use

their bodies to entertain,” he says with a smile. He

recounts working with the dancers of Broadway hits

like CATS, Les Miserables, West Side Story, and

Chicago, and the world-famous Radio City Music Hall



Dr. Baron is a committed leader of the healthcare community,

serving as president of the Dade County Chiropractic

Society (1994 to 1995), president of the Florida

Chiropractic Association’s Council on Sports Injuries

and Physical Fitness (1990 to 1992), and Director of

Sports Injury for the Miami-Dade County Chiropractic

Society (1988 to 1993). He was the first chiropractor

in South Florida to be appointed as staff Chiropractic

Physician (Doctors Hospital of Hollywood, 1992), and

was named Department Head of the Golden Glades

Regional Medical Center’s Division of Chiropractic

Services (1994 to 1996).


Always thirsty for knowledge and experience, Dr. Baron

obtained certification as an acupuncturist and put his

20-plus years experience in this highly specialized skill

to work at the National Chinese Olympic Training

Center in Beijing, China. He’s also an award–winning

competitive bodybuilder, competing successfully for

over 25 years and winning several division titles.


These varied and rich experiences have created a wellrounded

physician with a unique approach to alternative

medicine. “I know a lot of people rely on their doctors

to fix injuries,” he explains. “But I prefer

to empower the public with what I’ve learned behind the

locker room door and share this with as many people as I can.”


The purpose of  learning Superstar’s Health Secrets

is to identify the strategies used by the world’s top athletes in

their quest for success.


Identifying mental, nutritional, and physical processes that

quickly bring the athlete back from injury and illness to providing

“the edge” while in their peak state of physical condition.

Allowing the average person or professional athlete of any age,

gender, or skill level the opportunity to get a glimpse at what it

takes to function at the top by incorporating a natural approach

to health and well-being..

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