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7 Minutes to Low Back Pain Relief

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7 Minutes to Low Back Pain Relief from Dr. Spencer Baron on Vimeo.

Any time, any place … back pain can freeze you in your tracks. Your knowledge and ability to manage it quickly and competently is most important while on the road to resolution.

Today, I’m giving you two action steps to instantly manage pain and injury to the lower back muscles, joints, ligaments, tendons, spinal bones, nerves and discs.

There are three ways the pain can come on:
1) Acute onset – one minute you seem perfectly fine, within the next second, a chilling jolt of pain freezes you in you in mid motion.
2) Chronic with acute exacerbation – your back has been aching (constant or intermittent aka. “on and off”) for quite some time now, yet flares up at certain times or also presents with a sudden, sharp episode.
3) Chronic pain – a dull constant ache that last for more than three days. Or the same dull ache that always seems to be around like an old friend.

Important note: the first two require ice – the third requires moist heat.

$50 billion healthcare dollars are spent on the four out of five Americans that end up with low back pain. In my 25 years of practice, the most common question is, “I injured my low back, what do I do?”

Answer: For the first three to four day you wish to manage this yourself, the video will show you how. If it persists at the same magnitude for more than four days, then see a doctor.

Warning: As much as medication can help ease the pain, extreme caution should be taken as pain meds and anti-inflammatories work best when you are at rest. If medication is taken during activity, you risk the chance of doing far greater damage due to shutting off the pain, similar to turning off a fire alarm while the fire rages on.

As you can expect, I’m going to urge you to see a Chiropractor. Like so many professional athletes, they understand how the Chiropractor restores health, enables peak performance and assists in getting the best results.

Enjoy the video,

Doc B

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