30 May

Perfect timing … just finish one thing!

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So, I heard you’ve been sitting on the, proverbial, fence with regards to getting that one thing done. You know what I’m talkin’ about, that project you’ve wanted to get started (or finish) for quite some time now. It’s Memorial Day, which means to most people an extra day to relax, eat and do nothing. […]

23 May

If everyone had nothing, who would stand out in the crowd?

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So, last week was interesting, to say the least … I smashed the whole front end of my eight month old vehicle. Luckily, I was fine, no subsequent injuries, not even a bit of soreness… $5300 later, I continue to remain emotionless about the whole thing. Why? Seconds after the 30 mph collision, during 5:00 […]

16 May

Bone Health

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“Bone Health” was the topic of a Nurse’s Day presentation to approximately 100 nurses at the Miami-Dade County Department of Health – Florida. Common areas of degeneration: The neck – due to poor posture which produces spurs at the front of the spine. The hips – lack of proper exercise results in inadequate mineralization of […]

9 May

One Possible Solution To Lower Body Pain – Your Feet

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Having been fortunate to rarely sustain an injury to the lower extremities, it’s been of recent that I trashed my knee after one – 3.5 mile run in a bad pair of sneakers. Yes, I’m also aware that being built like the primitive, Neanderthal Man, I shouldn’t be running long-distance, anyway. In the days preceding […]

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