25 Apr

The Second Coming — Vitamin D?

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With so many possible interventions, the media has hyped this nutrient as noteworthy as techies have pumped up Apple’s iPad. When the New York Times states that consumers spent some serious coin on “the D” with a price tag of $235 million in 2008 (up from $40 million in 2001), I’d say it’s time to […]

18 Apr

Two Most Powerful Personality Traits

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Before going to bed it is best to end a challenging day with an inspiring video. The decision between Louise Hay and Wayne Dyer was difficult; neither moved me at the moment, until I glanced over at . . . “300” Yes! I instantly felt the adrenaline and testosterone coursing through my veins. This is […]

11 Apr

This blows! Two Ways to Ease Allergies

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Your kids are snotty, you sound like a crank caller, and your friend looks like she cut up onions all day – this is a rough time of year – it’s allergy season! Never having allergies, it’s my physician’s empathy that brings me to share some dependable remedies. Truth be told, as a kid, I […]

3 Apr

7 Life Regulators of Professional Athletes – Elements of a WINNER

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There’s a sign posted up in the one of the locker rooms. It is seen by each member of the team before they leave through the door. Like so many other inspirational messages, it changes from time to time so as not to blend in with the scenery and lose impact. This particular sign caught […]

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