28 Mar

What can you learn from the mating habits of a sloth?

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Having trouble reaching a goal or completing a task? Then it may behoove you to take a few tips from our fine, furry friend, the sloth. A popular derogatory remark for those who seem to procrastinate or meander along is, “You move like a Sloth. C’mon, hurry!” May not be such a bad thing after […]

21 Mar

Candy for breakfast!

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My 10 year old was pretty amped when he brought home this week’s spelling words from the topic of nutrition. His familiarity with carbohydrates, proteins, and vitamins was something developed from a very young age because of his dad’s constant mantra of “NUTRITION.” His little head has been filled with my ideas of eating correctly […]

14 Mar

Bone up on joints

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Secrets of the nutritional and physical game They may not have won as many medals as the United States in this year’s winter Olympics, but the general population of all Canadians, especially the woman, are less likely to have arthritis. It seems, according to the researchers, that Canadian females are VERY physically active whereas most […]

7 Mar

Tone Butt and Legs at Work – 3 Exercises

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Secrets of the physical game One of the biggest and most powerful muscles of the body is the buttocks and legs. This also happens to be the site of most concern for women wanting to look sexy and men needing to lift heavy objects (in some cases, the other way around). Yet, the most common […]

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