24 Jan

6 Super-simple Indoor Exercises

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6 Super-simple Indoor Exercises from Dr. Spencer Baron on Vimeo. Secrets of the physical game Okay, so I didn’t quite realize that the rest of the earth is not in a tropical region, thus unable to take a luxurious, scenic, warm weather run. (are you ready for a Florida vacation, yet?) Hence, today’s blog video […]

17 Jan

Pre-run DO and Don’t!

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“Warming up” versus “stretching” … confusing? Here is a viable approach from “Secrets of the Game.” Pre-run DO and Don’t! from Dr. Spencer Baron on Vimeo.

10 Jan

YOU need to CHANGE! Or … should you MODIFY yourself?

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Secrets of the mental game I’m at an interesting crossroad as to where “change” is different from “modify.” My purpose for using the term “modify” in a recent post was to elicit action from the readers and to get them moving in a new month, new year and new decade. The confluence of the three […]

3 Jan

Win? Lose? LEARN from 2009! – ONE way to make 2010 a HUGE year!

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Ever notice how easy it is to blame other people and situations when your life isn’t going the way you want? Psychologists call this having an “external locus of control” which means you don’t believe you’re in charge of your own life or destiny and that other factors “control” you instead. As a child, watching […]

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