27 Dec

The festive fury of flatulence …

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Secrets of the nutritional game What was that sound? Don’t even TRY to blame it on the dog. It’s that time of year when food combining turns your stomach into a volatile mix of potentially noxious substances. From a heap of fermented sugars to an isolated food that digests poorly, this holiday season your small […]

20 Dec

Pro athletes have short memories

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Secrets of the mental game Did you just fail at something? Did it serve a good purpose in your life? Did that event define who you are and how much better you will be? If “Yes” is the result to the three questions, then you have learned how to apply a winning behavior towards “losing.” […]

13 Dec

“Dog” and “God”

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Not a secret … The origin of the word “dog” is obscure as there is no known root in other languages. The word dates to as early as circa 857 and was originally used to refer to any of the canine family. Is there any irony in the fact that the mirror image of “Dog” […]

6 Dec

“Move you’re a**” and Galileo’s Concept of Inertia – by “Dr. Heath”

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Secrets of the Physical Game Yes, he’s back and the reason why is because, at 6 years old, his dad was shocked to find out that his first grade teacher is schooling him on Newton’s First Law of Motion. Exercise – Why bother? from Dr. Spencer Baron on Vimeo. How does “inertia” (the Law of […]

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