29 Nov

Feet don’t fail me now …

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Secrets of the physical game George Clinton and the Funkadelics had it right even back in 1978: “One nation and we’re on the move Nothin’ can stop us now Feet don’t fail me now” Whether you’ve increased your jogging to offset the surge of holiday calories or you’ve been doing the “mall crawl” for best […]

22 Nov

Are you eating through the pain?

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Secrets of the nutritional game What would it be like to eat as much as you can for six weeks? Why? Because you deserve it! Because you want it! Because it’s your right of passage during this sacred time! Because it’s a party! Because you want to indulge, be carefree and reap the rewards of […]

16 Nov

Are you a “Delco?”

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Secrets of the mental game The other day, world famous coach, Bill Parcells turned to Lou Polite; one of the toughest fullbacks in the league and asked him if he was a “Delco?” After an awkward pause, I began to smile as Parcells turned to me and said “He is, right?” He smiled big and […]

8 Nov

Pain is good …

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Secrets of the physical and mental game Did you ever wonder why we have been given the sense of pain? When it is said that there is a “fine line between pain and pleasure,” the intent was not to be taken in the realm of the sadistic or masochistic, yet to “feel pain” is an […]

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