20 Sep

Sex Hormones – Success supplements

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  Secrets of the nutritional game   All it takes is a drop of hormone the size of a pinhead to change your world. Thyroid, Estrogen, Progesterone or Testosterone (to name a few). Their dose is minor but all have a major effect on body function and thought process.   Yes, thought process!   We’ve established […]

13 Sep

Emergency 9-1-1, the history and how it applies to your health.

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  Secrets of the mental, nutritional and physical game   It was established in 1968 that we needed an easy, quickly dialed number that will provide police, fire or ambulance service. Until that time, the operator assisted approach was sufficient as we would rotary dial the 0 and request these services verbally.  Even further back […]

6 Sep

Back by popular demand! “Dr. Heath” and the “5 Factors of Health”

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5 Factors of Health – “Dr. Heath” from Dr. Spencer Baron on Vimeo.   Ever since this little guy was on my blog video a couple months ago, I’ve had requests to forward the clip to others; film him for other segments, auditions for commercials, TV shows and wishes for adoption.   Well, once again, […]

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