30 Aug

Immunity and Endurance – Say “NO” to acid!

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  Secrets of the nutritional game   I’ve been asked several times this week about what folks can do to increase their ability to fight off colds and influenza, also known as the “flu,” such as: Type A, B and C, Swine or pig and Avian or bird.   Type A and B are the […]

23 Aug

Trade in your clunker!

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Secrets of the physical game. Okay, so you may not get $4500 for this deal, but you will get a lifetime of happiness. Is it time for you to take a small action step towards trading in your old, fuel guzzling, poor performing vehicle? Whether you realize it or not, that multimillion dollar body can […]

16 Aug

Two Men and a Shopping Cart … 3 more grocery tips (part 2)

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As the saga continues, Dorron Blumberg, trainer and motivator extraordinaire and I daringly go through the combat zone of the grocery store denying bad food choices and identifying a few ideas that may work successfully in your diet dilemma.   – Learn how 25,000 feet of grocery store is arranged to psychologically tease you into […]

9 Aug

1 way to handle pain

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Secrets of the physical and mental game. There are two sources of pain. Physical, such as injury Emotional, such as heartache Both are a perception, an awareness, an opinion based on your very own personal assessment of a situation. Have you ever “Thrown in the towel”? Given in to the injury? Succumbed to the anguish? […]

2 Aug

The hunt for food –— foraging through the gross-ry story (part 1)

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Secrets of the nutritional game  Navigating the long, overloaded food aisles can be a hair-raising experience if you take the process of food shopping for granted.  Have you ever found after you’re home with a kitchen full of plastic bags that:   –          You bought too much? –          You bought the wrong stuff? –          You […]

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