26 Jul

Do the twist!

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Secrets of the physical game:   No, not Chubby Checker’s, 1960’s version, but one that can save your spine!   Okay, so some of you know my back has been sore and I’ve also had some wonderful pressure on my sciatic nerve lately. My Facebook “confessional” recently set off a maelstrom of commentary when I […]

19 Jul

3 steps to the next level …

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  Secrets of the mental game.   As easy as it appears, we tend to miss these steps. Just like a baby walking for the first several attempts. We fall, get up and keep trying.  Babies don’t decide whether or not they are going to “try” and walk. They keep doing it till they get […]

12 Jul

“#)$&%@*!” – Hey, watch your mouth!

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Secrets of the mental game.   Did you ever have your mouth washed out with soap for saying a “curse word”? I did. Do you still say those same words now that you are older? I have. Do you tell your kids not to say those words as they are vulgar and disrespectful? I do. […]

5 Jul

Tattoos – What do they really signify?

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Big secret of the mental game …   Why do we get them?   Decorative Commemorating someone’s death Commemorating someone’s life Religious belief Showing “toughness” Sexiness Rebellion Fad   Whatever the reason may appear to be, the act of “tatting” might stem from a deeper need. “Inking” oneself is a way of making a very public […]

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