27 Jun

It all started as “One small step for man …” How to begin a positive change.

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Secrets of the physical game   If you’ve recently wanted to make some lofty changes, but haven’t started, I completely understand.   Here are the possible reasons:   o       No time o       No money o       No enthusiasm o       Fear of starting something you can’t (or don’t believe you can) follow through with o       Fear of […]

21 Jun

Taking personal control of your own health starting NOW!

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Secrets of the mental game …   As the economy falters, our collective national attention has been focused on Wall Street and Detroit but there’s also another worry that many Americans currently have:   Health care and what President Obama may or may not do to change it.   The costly proposition of providing health coverage for […]

14 Jun

Are you experiencing “HVLA”? [High Velocity Living – Amplified!]

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Secrets of the Mental Game   No matter what’s happening right this second, you have chosen to feel a certain way. You have TOTAL control of every ounce of emotion you experience and not one person, place or thing has the power to make you feel a certain way you do not desire.    Not […]

8 Jun

What’s the most dangerous meal of the day?

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Secrets of the nutritional game Dinner! Am I being dramatic when I use the word “dangerous”? Not one single bit! Why? Unfortunately, most people make their biggest meal of the day also the last meal of the day which makes no sense to me or anyone else who’s trying to: Lose weight Have better digestion […]

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