25 Apr

Celebrating Death?

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Secrets of the Mental Game   Strange to see those two words in the same sentence, especially when it is someone you love … yet, there are some cultures that choose to believe that death is merely passing to a “better place.”   As this was a very dramatic example of managing a state of mind, on a […]

25 Apr

Explode past your perceived limits!

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A quick secret of the Mental Game …   When you feel you can not go another step, another rep, another second or another day as the odds are stacked against you, your behind in your time, your intensity, you are trailing in points – your boss, kids and significant other are hammering you down to […]

19 Apr


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Secrets of the nutritional game   Ladies, this is NOT about weight training … And I didn’t spend enough time on the Ladies Professional Golf Association Tour to identify this as a “Secret of the Game.”   What I do know, is that while sitting in a Sports Science Symposium in San Diego, California with […]

12 Apr

Is flexibility overrated?

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Secrets of the physical game   Have you ever grumbled to yourself about how stiff you feel? Why does just getting out of bed feels as if your muscles are gonna snap and roll up like venetian blinds or your joints sound like ground glass?   Do you wish you were more flexible?   Secret: […]

6 Apr

Did you lie?

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A secret from the mental game   Let’s talk New Year’s resolutions … Think back to that moment when you were gung-ho about making some major (and minor) changes in your life. Smoking cessation, weight loss, exercise, no more cursing, show more love, take more vacations, no procrastinating, and a host of others.   Every […]

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