30 Mar

Miami’s Energy Tour revealed …

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   A mental secret   “Our system failed in fundamental ways. To address this will require comprehensive reform. Not modest repairs at the margin, but new rules of the game.” United States Treasury Secretary – Timothy F. Geithner   You could have easily thought this was a quote from our Surgeon General about the state […]

23 Mar

Images of yourself

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A core secret of the mental game There are certain beliefs you have about yourself that are unshakeable … and then there are thoughts you continue to question.   “What if I don’t get that job?” “What if he doesn’t love me?” “What if …               Versus   “I am resourceful” “I am the […]

16 Mar

Hip Tip

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Secrets of the Physical Game    I have found one benefit of being obese …. there is LESS chance of hip fractures as you age. Yes, amazing but true and it is all about developing the integrity of the hip bone by keeping a constant level of stress on these weight bearing joints.   The […]

9 Mar

Leverage your pleasure!

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A quick secret of the Mental Game …     Some of us are motivated towards pleasure when it comes to completing a difficult task. Use the “pay-off principle” when accomplishing something challenging or difficult.     Here’s how: Set up the “pay off” following a hard core task, take a long run or hit […]

2 Mar

Gatorade versus Water!

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Secrets of the nutritional game   I dare you to pick the correct fluid given the particular scenario …   1.   Child plays 60 minutes of soccer in 80 degree, Florida weather? 2.   Male, adult plays pick up basketball at 5 pm for 90 minutes? 3.   You just vacuumed the house? 4.   Your 10 year old […]

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