31 Oct

Playground Pump Up – 6 Exercises

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If you want the kids to play, then you may want to set an example …
You might as well get a quick pump, especially since you have to be there while they burn off some energy.

Here are 6 exercises and what body parts they effect:

1) Monkey bar pull ups
        o Works the biceps and upper back
2) Elevated feet push ups
        o Works the triceps, chest and front shoulder
3) Swing squats
        o Works front of thigh
4) Single leg squats
        o Works thigh, hamstring and butt muscles
5) Go nowhere swing presses
        o Works shoulders, triceps and top of chest
6) Frustrated kid, fake launch, swing pull
        o Works upper back and biceps

10 repetitions – 3 sets would be a great way to start.
You don’t have to do them in this precise order.
You can add exercises, just be creative.

Enjoy the day, Live with ENERGY!

Doc B

24 Oct

Eliminate inflammation – Fish Oil highlights

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Inflammation has a root cause in obesity, cardiovascular disease, asthma, allergies, etc.

Adding fish oils to you diet can bring down inflammation and improve performance.


All the cells in the body, such as: heart, liver, lung, bone, joint, etc, have a cell membrane that requires flexibility and in order to remain healthy, require healthy fats.  Fish oils provide excellent, biologically useful materials in the form of Omega 3, fatty acids.

These supplements must come from a good source.

High quality sources, such as wild salmon with EPA and DHA are a must.

Vitamin E should also be added to the formula.

Omega 6’s are the fats found in so many of today’s food and, actually, INCREASES inflammation, these should be avoided!

Proper dosage of Omega 3– baseline is 3000 milligrams per day.

            These can be doubled and tripled safely.

            Look for an additional component in the formula: Gamma Linoleic Acid in the form of Black Currant Seed Oil.

Best time to take it – before bed.

Very important for children!

Dose dependant based on age.

Book suggestions:
“Inflammation Nation” by Dr. Floyd Chilton
Video suggestions:
“Food Inc.”

19 Sep

There’s a lady in my locker room …

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Locker - Lady

At what point does “uncomfortable” get you in trouble?
A Mexican TV reporter was preparing to interview New York Jets quarterback, Mark Sanchez, yet felt uncomfortable enough during her wait in the locker room to make this vague claim via Twitter. This issue has set off quite a bit of castigating while resurrecting some old controversy about women reporters in men’s locker rooms.

The real life issue here is that the word “uncomfortable” is vague and has immensely varied opinions as to when it becomes an actionable offense?

When was the last time you met someone that was “in your space,” “stepped over the line,” or as a Seinfeld episode would refer to as being a “close talker”?
If you really think about it, the interpretations vary from person to person. Just where is, “your space,” “your line” and how close is “too close”?

I love when listening to a group of friends discuss how, “That guy was weird (or uncomfortable)!”
I chime in by asking, “What was weird?”
The answer inevitably is, “It was just weird.”
But, I keep plugging away till I get a very concise and specific answer.
The clearly defined answer is often very entertaining …
– “He stared into my eyes for too long”
– “He smiled when he wasn’t supposed to”
– “He interrupted before I was done talking”
– “He talked to loud” (Well, heck! You were in a bar, what do you expect?)
– “He talked about himself the whole time”
– “He was too smooth”

How often are we vague about the comments or requests we make of others?
Do we tend to take people for granted that they should know what we are talking about?

If you’re not sure what I mean here, you can determine a “clear message” by how often you don’t get the right results from your communication.
Does it end in frustration, or with the exclamation, “They just don’t get it!”?

Sure, you can blame it on the other person, but it is up to you to identify how the recipient of your information needs to understand the true meaning.
Take responsibility!
– If someone is deaf, you learn to speak louder!
– If someone is into numbers, your comments should have well defined and finite responses.
– If someone is creative and “artsy,” your conversations can be fluffy and abstract.
– If one speaks softly, don’t chatter like you’re on a noisy, New York subway.
– If they speak slowly, you may think twice about getting jacked-up on that cup of espresso

In professional sports, it is vital to a successful outcome that every coach is very clear about their ideas, thoughts and feelings. A good coach is one that understands how each player “gets it.” As he or she knows that each member of the team processes the same information differently. It is up to that teacher, mentor and leader to be unambiguous and succinct, just as it is imperative for you when engaging in an important relationship – personal and professional.

So, here’s to clarity and purposeful communication …
Now, go out there and use your new exam to diagnose “weirdness” and see if you can render treatment with the right dose of precision dialogue.

And PLEASE pass this off to someone who really needs it!

Be better than well, be at peak performance.

Doc B

5 Sep

What’s similar about hurricanes and “back to school”?

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Hurricane - Back to School

They both cause excessive buying at the “Depot” … Home Depot and Office Depot. (kidding)
The true answer is that they both cause a sensational amount of stress. In turn, certain components of the immune system become less effective at fighting off illness when exposed to stress over days or weeks. Despite attitude (perception), your nutrition plays a critical role in tempering the potential to sickness.

Secrets of the nutritional game …

All the chatter is about what you can do from outside the body – wash hands, cover you mouth when coughing or sneezing, take an antibiotic (which we are being rigorously warned to be conservative with) and vaccinate.

But, has anyone told you what to do from inside the body?
Sick - ill woman
Crank up the immune system as this is THE most important approach most folks miss since PREVENTION is key!

These three natural agents
– Vitamin C
– Grapefruit seed extract
– Olive leaf extract

Recommended dosages:
at the first sign of aches, sore throat, cough or any other symptoms of flu (or cold, or other infections), start with several thousand milligrams of vitamin C, and then follow that with 1000 mg (one gram) every hour until symptoms ease.

Sometimes just the vitamin C will do the trick, but when it’s time to kick up the intensity, olive leaf extract (OLE) and/or grapefruit seed extract (GSE) may be added or used alone. OLE: 500-1000 milligrams every few hours, with or without the C, depending on the situation (I usually ‘shotgun’ this stuff when getting well fast is vital). Normally, for straight oral use, the C and OLE are a great pair by themselves

As for grapefruit seed extract, it is recommended to take it in capsule form, using the suggested dosage on the label.

You may want to add some acidophilus (also called probiotics) to the mix, during and for a few days after the use of OLE. The reason is that OLE is such a good antibacterial that it can also kill the “good” bacteria that we need in our digestive tracts. A capsule or so of acidophilus before meals should be adequate insurance for keeping these beneficial organisms established.

Then there is the common sense stuff that you don’t hear as much about:

* Exercise regularly
* Eat nutritious foods (preferably fresh, whole foods – back way off on sugars)
* Manage stress levels
* Get the right amount of sleep

Important note:
I’ve heard this a million times, “I’ve tried Echinacea and those other natural remedies, but they don’t work.” The reason is you use natural approaches with a medical mindset. In other words, you wait till the symptoms are so blatant that the natural stuff is ineffective and you are so out of touch with your body that you don’t realize how encumbered it is with infection and it takes aggressive protocols to fight it. Which is the American medical fault … we are trying to squelch the symptoms instead of beating the infection to the punch.

Simple lesson most doctors don’t understand:
Every infection is a race between the microbes (the germ) and the host (your body). The microbe, following the indelible rules of evolution, strives to survive and reproduce, while the host’s immune system mounts a warlike defense designed to find, destroy, and eliminate it. Before this war occurs, your body needs to build a defense, thus requiring you to be proactive and start cycling up your “immune boosters” when …

– You feel you’ve had a “long day”
– Are extra stressed
– Been around sick people or your kids
– Reaching deadlines requires you to work more, sleep less
– You’ve increased your workout time and intensity

Good luck, you can win this fight!

How do you strengthen your immune system?

15 Aug

A most magical question …

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Teach - Love - Motivate

It may not be a “secret” discovered from behind the locker room doors of our professional athletes, nor is it anything the medical staff has ever spoken of, but it sure is one of the keys that can unlock an emotional door.

“How do you know when you are loved?”

Strange as it may seem, not many people take the time to understand what makes a person feel loved. Even YOU may not realize what moves you towards that sensation of short and long term adoration.

Mushy subject?

Yes, but a vital one.
It can move emotional mountains.
Knowing the answer to this simple question can inspire even the most hard-nosed, emotionless, out of touch, empty hearted soul.

There are so many ways to express your love for some, yet we often end up missing the mark after several years, months or even days.

You can say I love you a thousand times; yet, a person will come back with … “You don’t love me anymore.” This can certainly feed the frustration of a troubled relationship.

Making passionate love to another may not symbolize that you’re in love … but holding their hand during a casual walk could suggest greater intimacy to a romantic relationship.

Actually, in retrospect, this may translate as a pearl of wisdom found among some of the greatest coaches I’ve ever served a team with. There happens to be an element of coaching that allows your athlete to know that your heart is in the right place. Knowing how to get the most out of human performance is embedded in the care and concern you have for that player, along with the right strategy. They will do more for you when they know you truly care about them and not just about the victory.

Same with employees!
Same with the military!
Same with your loved ones!

So how do we elicit the valuable information?
The other day, I asked my two boys to answer our “Question of the day.” (For the last half of the summer, they’ve been given a question each morning that will provoke creativity, memory and hand writing skills).
“How do you know when someone loves you?”
Their answers were remarkable!

The six year old:
1) When she follows you
2) When she hugs you precisely (yes, I fell off my chair with that one)
3) When she talks about you (I’m sure he meant it to be in a good way)
4) When she stares at you

The 10 year old:
1) When someone kisses you
2) When someone asks if you love me
3) When someone calls or texts you a lot
4) When you are on a date
5) When you are really nice to someone

Did these little guys just give me the road map to their hearts?
It certainly removed any question of whether I need to buy them gifts, or send them flowers or any of the other interpretations we think love means to another person.

Now, am I saying to walk up to your stoic, expressionless and impenetrable partner and ask, “What allows you to know someone loves you?” Probably not, but maybe you could ask about the story of when they last experienced love, how did it look, feel or sound?

Try these questions:
– What was the best way you’ve ever been coached?
– How was the best boss you’ve ever had?
– If you had a great leader or mentor, what did they do to make you feel special or inspired?

Try it; you may be surprised at what you find out.
If you know someone who is having issues with a relationship, forward this article to them. At the same time, tell me what allowed you to feel totally loved.


Doc B

8 Aug

Anger – what to do when you want to throw the stress ball at someone

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The economy, the war, job loss, corrupt leaders, accidents that affect the environment are occurring at a time that our society’s health is spiraling out of control (no state has met the Healthy People 2010 goals). This buildup of factors has pushed us to the brink; yet we have a choice, “adapt or die.” Despite the fact that humans are incredibly resilient, preparing for the unsuspecting perils ahead provide formidable tests of determination, creativity and patience.

What happened to Strength of Mind?
Strength of Character?

Ever hear of the term, “blind rage”?
It’s a fascinating phenomenon that may emerge at the most extreme level or anger. Another term for this rush of uncensored thought is a “Neural Hijacking.” The results of long term, chronic stress that is tipped ever so slightly by one more negative impact that can result in a cascade of hormonal and chemical reactions that permit your response to whisk past a logical thought process.

Hence, why you may wonder why you cursed up a storm, threw the glass, punched the wall, screamed at someone, kicked the dirt, or a variety of other expressive manifestations that are directed at something or someone that may not have anything to do with the problem.

This over-reaction or hyper-stimulation, can result in remorse or regret for your re-actions to an issue.

Athletes have been getting a lot of press about this lately; it’s almost become a fashion statement. Thanks to the viral internet video, Elizabeth Lambert became infamous as the New Mexico soccer player got suspended for aggressively yanking the ponytail of her opponent. Anybody ever heard of Ron Artest, his professional basketball career as an Indiana Pacer almost ended by his inability to demonstrate self-control after climbing into the stands and dropping a fan with one punch? What about Oregon running back LeGarrette Blount, who was suspended for sucker punching linebacker Byron Hout after a loss to Boise State? Or Florida linebacker Brandon Spikes, who was blasted in the media and suspended after attempting to gouge the eyes of a Georgia opponent during a pile-up? And then there’s wide receiver Braylon Edwards, who in the hours following a particularly poor performance for the Cleveland Browns was arrested for assault after he sucker punched a 130-lb friend of Cleveland sports superstar LeBron James.

These displays of anger are embedded in excessive confidence in an athlete’s talents and abilities, yet they can also be incredibly insecure. This kind of fragile ego is common in sports, especially with the top level athlete.

For the rest of us, the stages of anguish are defined:
1. Denial – The “No, not me” stage.
This stage is filled with disbelief and denial.
2.Anger/Resentment – The “Why me?” stage.
Anger at the situation or others. Caution: this could be the stage of the neural hijacking.
3. Bargaining – The “If I do this, you’ll do that” stage.
You try to negotiate to change the situation.
4. Depression- The “It’s really happened” stage.
You realize the situation isn’t going to change. Acknowledgement of the situation often brings depression. This could be a quiet, withdrawn time as you soak in the situation.
5. Acceptance – The “This is what happened” stage.

You are now able to move forward …

What to do to prevent or resolve anger:
The mark of maturity is revealed in how one responds to and grows from such experiences. Character develops from focusing our energies on answers-not excuses.

Nurture yourself.
You need to care for your emotional, nutritional and physical health. No one else will do it but you. Take care of yourself as well as you take care of your child or pet. Eat healthy, exercise and take vitamins. Allow yourself to be upset and give yourself as much time as you need to adjust to what has happened.

Step up, stay cool and conquer!

Be well,

Doc B

1 Aug

7 Minutes to Low Back Pain Relief

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7 Minutes to Low Back Pain Relief from Dr. Spencer Baron on Vimeo.

Any time, any place … back pain can freeze you in your tracks. Your knowledge and ability to manage it quickly and competently is most important while on the road to resolution.

Today, I’m giving you two action steps to instantly manage pain and injury to the lower back muscles, joints, ligaments, tendons, spinal bones, nerves and discs.

There are three ways the pain can come on:
1) Acute onset – one minute you seem perfectly fine, within the next second, a chilling jolt of pain freezes you in you in mid motion.
2) Chronic with acute exacerbation – your back has been aching (constant or intermittent aka. “on and off”) for quite some time now, yet flares up at certain times or also presents with a sudden, sharp episode.
3) Chronic pain – a dull constant ache that last for more than three days. Or the same dull ache that always seems to be around like an old friend.

Important note: the first two require ice – the third requires moist heat.

$50 billion healthcare dollars are spent on the four out of five Americans that end up with low back pain. In my 25 years of practice, the most common question is, “I injured my low back, what do I do?”

Answer: For the first three to four day you wish to manage this yourself, the video will show you how. If it persists at the same magnitude for more than four days, then see a doctor.

Warning: As much as medication can help ease the pain, extreme caution should be taken as pain meds and anti-inflammatories work best when you are at rest. If medication is taken during activity, you risk the chance of doing far greater damage due to shutting off the pain, similar to turning off a fire alarm while the fire rages on.

As you can expect, I’m going to urge you to see a Chiropractor. Like so many professional athletes, they understand how the Chiropractor restores health, enables peak performance and assists in getting the best results.

Enjoy the video,

Doc B

25 Jul

Answers to two cutting-edge questions

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Vegan - Shake Weight Article

– Does the Shake Weight Dumbbell work?
– Can vegetarians be athletic and build muscle?

Thought I’d do some people a favor and publicly answer some great questions that received a lot of attention this week.

Let’s talk about the new commercial that’s setting the airwaves a blaze with a new product called the Shake Weight Dumbbell. By using the “new technology called Dynamic Inertia” you can create firm, tone, muscular arms in “just six minutes a day” or there’s a “100% money back refund.”

Allow me to cut straight to the chase, unless you are a super sedentary, couch potato that is one step up from bed ridden, then maybe this product for you … I said, “maybe.”
Otherwise, don’t spend the 20 bucks … or you may get a better workout sending it back for a refund!

The idea of firming up muscle in the average person by installing a whiplash-styled, workout that resembles 100 – two mile per hour motor vehicle collisions is the next best thing to taking a ball-peen hammer and repetitively hitting your biceps and triceps with it (by the way, I tried the hammer as that’s a whole other interview) – it’s just not gonna work!

The most fascinating part of the Shake Weight commercial is how effectively all the right buzz words and keys images persuade you into placing the order.

What happened to?
– “Before and after” photos
– Non-biased, scientific research on the product
– Published studies on “dynamic inertia” as a productive workout
– Tenure in the market – it hasn’t been around long enough to gain a reputation
– Comparisons to (traditional) 20 pushups and 20 dumbbell curls per day.

It’s a gimmick!
It may cause injury!
It does not make sense to buy a product like this when you can do other exercises at home for “6 minutes a day” and really get the results you can appreciate – for FREE!

Next …

“Can the vegetarian diet allow for building muscle?”
For years, much controversy developed over this concern.

The answer is a resounding, YES!
Excellent athletes and great bodybuilders have developed themselves on a vegetarian diet.

Yet, there is one caveat …

As with most diets, there are certain points to be aware of. The vegetarian or “vegan” diet can lead to deficiencies in the active individual, especially the athlete. These potential risks, primarily for women, compelled the American Dietetic Association and Dietitians of Canada to develop a 2003 Position Statement depicting the appropriate dietary guidelines for vegetarian athletes

The list:
This published paper revealed the nutrients vegetarian athletes may be at risk for with intakes of low energy based foods, such as:
– Fat
– Vitamins B12
– Riboflavin
– D
– Calcium
– Iron
– Zinc
– Iron
In comparison, these nutrients are readily available from animal proteins [J Am Diet Assoc. 2003].

Of general important with all diets:
Energy and nutrient needs, especially carbohydrate and protein, must be met during times of significant physical activity to maintain body weight, replenish energy stores, and provide adequate protein to build and repair tissue.

Believe it or not, fat intake should also be sufficient to provide the essential fatty acids and fat-soluble vitamins and to contribute energy for weight maintenance.

In summary, adequate food and fluid should be consumed before, during, and after exercise to help maintain:
1. Energy Concentration During Exercise
2. Maximize Exercise Performance
3. Improve Recovery Time

Are you on a vegetarian diet or considering one?
Tell me how you feel?

Please feel free to repost this article. Send or email it to family or friends that may need this important information.

Enjoy a day of maximum performance with fewer complications.

Doc B

18 Jul

Are you living life to the max?

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Woman riding through flowers

When was your last adrenaline rush?
As the moments tick by, we tend to get swept up in our consistent, daily activities and before we know it, tomorrow is here. You end by saying things like, “Wow, this day flew by!” Or “Is it Friday (or Monday) already?” Worst of all is when you can’t wait till the “bad” day is done so you can start over with a “new day.” What if all you had to do to change your mood was to experience something exhilarating?

Try taking a brisk walk across fire, go for a skydive or bungee cord jump … I can tell you, firsthand, public speaking is more death defying. I’ve even repelled off a seven story building with a SWAT team, yet nothing was more breathtaking than doing a stand-up comedy routine in front of a live audience.

What would a memorable experience look like to you?
Could today be the day you decide to do something you’ve always been afraid to try?

– Audition for a play
– Find a better job
– Say hi to someone, first
– Ask for a raise
– Leave a toxic relationship
– Step into an exercise facility
– Try a rock climbing wall

Key point:
“Living life to the max” means different things to different people.

Swimming with the dolphins at the research facility in the Florida Keys was a dreaded terror since I tend to fear dark water, but the experience was exhilarating and everlasting.

My father loved to hear my stories of adventure as he always wished to have similar experiences, yet created all sorts of “valid” excuses that became gloomier as he got older.

NOW is the time to experience everything you’ve ever wanted, not wait till you have the health, time or money. It has been a constant effort to practice what I preach as the inclination has always been to take the path of least resistance (or stress). Even as I was offered an all expense paid trip to lead a team of physicians to the Bejing Olympic Training Center in China, my initial response was, “Nah, thanks anyway, it’s not a good time to leave my practice.” Until the voice on the other line responded with, “Have you lost your mind?” Along with a few other aggressive, “reality check” comments, I ended up accepting the honor.

How often have you “lost your mind” and remained in your comfort zone?
What will you do today that will change the way you feel and think about yourself, tomorrow and forever?

Live life to the MAX!
I’d like to prescribe one dose of adrenaline, today!
Please dare to tell me about it.

Love life,

Doc B

14 Jul

Partner up to keep on the training track

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Partner up to keep on the training track from Dr. Spencer Baron on Vimeo.

Exercise partners can offer a great situation, yet sometimes disastrous …
Ever have one that was great friends, yet not dedicated or committed
How about one that you were not all that fond of, but were very dependable
Since I train so early, I’ve had a partner you couldn’t talk to for the first half hour
I’ve had ones led the work out, while other’s would follow my lead

How do you find a good training partner?
It’s quite simple; just watch who’s into it and who’s not.
It’s always best to observe the ones that are already in the gym – someone that has been regimented for some time.

Careful of the “bride to be” workout
Or the “Bar Mitzvah pump up”
Monday “Movie goers” workout

Having a training partner can be a great experience. It pushes you to wake up when you don’t want to and maximizes the “misery enjoys company experience.

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